New Tech Field Day


Juan Morales Social Media Editor 6/1/17 Monday morning saw the return of New Tech’s exclusive Field Day ...

Pay at(tent)ion AP students! Mr. Billing’s cool way to study.

Camping outside during AP week is a tradition for the the students of Benton Billings

Celaina Boylan-Castilla Features Editor It’s that time of year again; AP Testing! Students are cramming with ...

Time to crack open those review packets!

Kylie Skuse Reporter As the semester starts it’s closing week, students are rushing to get in that late work study ...

Blood pressure rising and grades dropping: Good ol’ finals!

Arin Dampier Reporter Final exams are coming up next week! Speaking for everyone, this type of stress kind of makes ...

Walk through the 1960’s in anticipation for Martin Luther King Day.


Paul Li

Phone theft on rise among students

Unattended phones are very attractive targets for thieves. Be sure to keep watch of yours!

Sein San Reporter Phones at Everett are getting stolen at a high rate. One minute students are charging their ...