Advertising opportunities are available for both the print and online versions of The Viking Voice.

Rates and sizes:
Full Page: $200 (11.25″x10.25″)
3/4 Page: $150 (7.75″x10.25″)
1/2 Page: $100 (5.5″x 10.25″)
1/4 Page: $50 (5.5″x 5.125″)
1/8 Page: $25 (2.25″x5.125″)

Multiple-issue discount: advertising in three or more consecutive issues = 20% discount on total cost of advertisement (i.e., a three-issue, 1/2-page ad would be $240, not $300).
For all sizes 1/4 and above, The Voice staff can design a custom, professional-looking ad for your business. This could include taking photos of your business if needed. 1/8-page ads are business card style.

Two prominent opportunities exist for advertising on Prices for both ad placements are $15 per week, $50 per month. Ads can be linked to your website.

Top Banner (468px x 100px)
Placement to the right of the “Viking Voice” flag at the top of every page of the site.

Right Sidebar (300px x 250px)
Placement at the top of sidebar on every page of the site.

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