Senior Plans for Successful Open Houses

Open houses, which are held by seniors all over the country, are the best way to honor a graduating senior. Seniors share whether or not they plan on having one. Photo by: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

As the seniors’ last year of high school comes to an end, the planning for open houses begins.  

Many seniors do not plan on having an open house because of COVID. Not having a normal school year made them lose motivation for anything resembling an open house.

“An open house for me is dead, I just don’t feel like planning anything at all for this school year,” said senior Oronde Stokes. “It was trash and I can’t find any energy to do something like that.”

On the other hand, the seniors that do plan on having one have to choose whether to do it inside or outdoors.

“I am doing mine outdoors so we can have more people not all clustered in one spot,” said senior Dzariah Hopkins.

The seniors are also trying to get as creative as possible for their open houses during COVID. 

“I’m going to have like a 1on1 or 2on2 basketball tournament thing at mine just to change it up a little bit,” said senior Eric Dennis.

While COVID numbers go up in Michigan, the guidelines are beginning to get more strict and reducing the number of people in gatherings. 

“Indoor gatherings are prohibited, except when no more than 15 people from three different households are gathered. Outdoor gatherings at residential venues (home/ house) can have no more than 50 and at non-residential no more than 300,” according to current guidelines at

“It’s getting a little difficult with the number of people we want to come and us still wanting to follow the guidelines and keep everyone safe,” said  Everett parent Stacy Hill. 

“We might have to change it to outdoors instead of in, so we can still have all the people we want to attend come,” said senior Avery Hill.

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