What Do Students Consider to Be the Best Jolly Rancher Flavor?

There are many flavors in one bag, but students and people from all over the world share their opinions on which flavor is the best. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Jolly ranchers have been around for years.

They are an extremely popular candy and have been for some time now.

With multiple long lasting flavors to choose from, all these variations of flavors begs the question, which flavor is the best?

Many people have weighed in on this topic and have very diverse opinions.

“My favorite flavor is grape, I love the sweet and succulent taste that it has to offer especially compared to the other more sour flavors,” said senior Ridwan Omar.

Some people use Jolly Ranchers to add to their drinks.

“I love the cherry flavor, it is sweet then sour and compliments a slurpee well,” said senior Ana Charles.

Many said they like how the flavor of a jolly rancher lasts for long periods of time and always seems to have a pleasing after taste.

It was reported by Zoomg candy that of the top five flavors being blue raspberry, bold fruit smoothie, green apple, cherry, and grape, cherry was the best and the most picked.

“It’s not overwhelming, but just enough great taste to love it all the way through,” said a user named Mark on the Zoomg candy webpage.

Results vary widely on a consensus favorite. A Viking Voice Facebook poll showed an overwhelming preference for Blue Raspberry, with nearly half of all respondents choosing this flavor. But in a poll of seniors in a senior group chat, cherry was a majority favorite.

No matter your preference, Jolly Ranchers are a favorite candy year after year. What’s your favorite? Discuss in the comments!

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