Netflix Originals Releasing New Seasons Expected This Year

Many great shows are coming to their return throughout the year. Here’s what students are watching that might convince you to add to your watch list. Photo Graphic by: Itzel Mendoza Lopez


Season after season, a new girl becomes introduced to the stalker thrilling Netflix original “You.”

Senior Denayah Grayson describes the show as “very mentally challenging.”

The plot in season one revolves around Joe Goldberg, a manager at a bookstore in New York, who develops a toxic obsession with writer Guinevere Beck. Using the internet’s power to “get to know” and stalk her every move, he makes it easy for him to remove the obstacles which may cause harm in the relationship.

“I love all current seasons because they are planned out so good,” said senior Denayah Grayson. 

Throughout Season 2, a new character and love interest named Love Quinn reflects Joe’s transformation into something unexpected. As much as they appear to be soulmates, the writers leave us on a cliffhanger with the girl next door, as if Joe couldn’t get enough.

“The psychological challenges of the character really draw me in, I want to see more creepy things,” said Grayson.

Although there is no set release date for season three, it is expected to be soon after it was announced in November 2020 that season three is back in production. Fans appear to believe that a new season will begin in 2021.


On My Block

On My Block has been one of Netflix’s biggest hits which topped as one of the most binge watched shows of 2018. 

“I was first introduced to this show by many people because it was a high topic in people’s conversation when it first came out,” said junior Miguel Lopez-Solis.

On My Block follows the lives of four friends (Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar) navigating through the drama and of high school and the real life dangers of South Central gangs in Los Angeles. 

“My favorite character in the show has to be Ruby, he never fails to make you laugh,” said Lopez-Solis.

Cesar’s brother Oscar, who is head of the Santos gang and is also known as Spooky, thinks that it’s Cesar’s destiny to become one of the members and pressures him into bad decisions in order to keep him connected to the gang throughout every season believing that the gang life is inescapable.

“A character I would take influence from is Cesar, at the start of he shows you that even though you come from a difficult background, you can still make it through and achieve what you want to accomplish,” said Lopez-Solis.

On January 28th, 2021 it was announced that it would return for a fourth season. According to Production Weekly, it was learned that production would start on March 22nd and wrap up on June 7th 2021.

Although the show is coming to a last and final season, it’s created laughs and love for viewers. 

“A really chill show to watch, It definitely won’t disappoint,” said Lopez-Solis. “It’s sad seeing a good show come to an end.” 



This series is a Spanish thriller teen drama, it revolves around three working class teenage students who are enrolled in “Las Encinas” through a scholarship. Within this private school, only the wealthiest elite are sent to study. Throughout the series the characters go through a twisted unsolved murder. 

“Elite is a perfect series that shows the present then the past of the plot, making the viewers anxious for more, keeping the mystery alive,” said senior Fatima Nuñez-Sanchez.

Although this series appears to be your typical private school drama, it demonstrates that it is not afraid to show the real sides of social inclusion, sexuality, and drug addiction struggles. This series specifically emphasizes inclusion, with the three students attempting to fit in. One of them, Nadia, is constantly bullied and pressured because of her Islamic beliefs and hijab.

“The author is trying to show the struggles that teens of different nationalities, income, sexual identities, and mental health problems face on the daily in silence,” said Nuñez-Sanchez.

Meanwhile, the school and students present themselves as a flashy, opulent place with high-class events here and there, the public is unaware of the realities of becoming a Las Encinas student.

“I think Carla is such an admirable person. She has a nice lifestyle and has such high confidence that makes her stand out,” said Nuñez-Sanchez.

There are three seasons currently streaming on Netflix in Spanish but have adjustable languages to your fit. With their success, luckily fans are receiving season four coming out on June 18, 2021 which was announced via Instagram and Twitter. Of course, with a new season, characters come and go. 

“I don’t usually like new seasons best because when the new characters come in they kind of ruin the whole show,” said Nuñez-Sanchez. “I rate Elite a good 9.5/10. It has never disappointed me to the point where I lost interest.”

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