Here’s How the Food You’re Eating May Affect Your Mood

Most people wonder why they feel the way they do. One of the reasons could be the food you eat and how it affects different parts of your body. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Does food have anything to do with how you feel, or how you perform intellectually?

There are many underlying reasons why you could be feeling annoyed, anxious, angry, or even depressed.

All these reasonings could easily be your diet, as well as the effects of food on the brain.

Foods such as fruits and vegetables impact your mood in a positive manner.

Amino acids in the brain have neurotransmitters, chemical messengers in the brain that send signals between neurons that affect things like mood, sleep, alertness, and weight.

Furthermore, studies have shown that there are, in fact, good and bad foods for the brain.

A Harvard study of 6,000 women found that those who consumed the most saturated fat had the worst thinking ability as well as memory over time.

According to Healthline, foods like blueberries deliver antioxidants into the brain, that act against oxidative stress, inflammation, and conditions that may contribute to brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases.

“When I went vegan, I began to feel so much better. My mood changed, and I even was able to slim down a couple pounds,” said senior Day Meh.

There are also studies showing that eating more fruits and vegetables also helps memory.

“I was able to remember certain things about the books I read,” said senior Ridwan Omar.

Experiments comparing the diets of those who incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diets to those that don’t show dramatic differences.

One study found the “risk of depression is 25-35% lower in those who eat traditional Japanese or Mediterranean diet” compared to a typical American diet.

Scientists account for these differences because these traditional diets tend to be high in fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains, fish and contain only modest amounts of lean meats and dairy. 

All in all, a diet filled with fruits and vegetables is prominent in the longevital health that the brain maintains as well as having a direct impact on mood.

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