Senior’s Thoughts on Returning Back to School

It’s been a difficult year for seniors, and now that school is soon to reopen, how do they feel about returning with only one month remaining of their time in high school? Photo from: Class of 2021

Lansing School District is set to send 7th-12th grade students attending Everett, Sexton and Eastern High School back to in person school April 26. 

Not all students will be coming back, though. The hybrid model is open only to the students with families that have submitted a commitment form. The district says that anyone who did not request a return to face-to-face learning will not be able to now choose this option.

While everyone is looking forward to some sense of normal, many do not think it’s worth coming back with only a few months of school left.

“I don’t really think it’s necessary to go back to school this late in the year because we’ve gotten so accustomed to online learning,” said senior Ahjale Lykes. “It would be nice to see one another again, but at this point we’re already at the end.”

Another senior also mentioned how coming back isn’t worth it, especially with how the Lansing School District hasn’t done anything to celebrate the seniors of 2021.

“Going back to school as a senior is disappointing; all year we have been told that we would have a senior year and that was a lie,” said senior Samaya Plater. “I worked my butt off to have my senior year. Every obstacle I faced all throughout high school, I would do it all over just to have my senior year.”

Administrators say that plans have been in the works for some senior celebrations. Details have been shared during a senior meeting but certain things are not set in stone. 

COVID spread and vaccination rates in Ingham county play a role in deciding what can be accomplished safely.

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