Admission Changes and What Colleges Might Look for in Your Application

Changes in the way admissions process selections have changed drastically over the past year. Here are some things colleges might look into on your application. Illustration By:

As the year goes on, and with online school and the pandemic affecting some students’ grades, people are starting to think about how colleges will look at grades for the incoming classes.

“I think that many colleges will look differently at coursework for this year,” said Superintendent Sam Sinicropi.

As more people take advantage of more free time they go to college more, colleges are taking advantage of this.

“I have heard that most colleges have seen an increase in applications for Fall 2021,” said counseling department head Jennifer West.

After the loss in revenue colleges experienced due to the pandemic, many are worried that tuition rates will go up. Sinicropi said that shouldn’t be a big concern.

“I don’t think tuition will be much different. Colleges may have reduced rates or incentives for students who live on campus. MSU is requiring that students live on campus for two years instead of one year,” said Sam Sinicropi.

With the SAT test usually being held in school with lots of support for preparing juniors, some are worried that their scores will not be as good as they should be.

“Most colleges and universities went to a “test-score optional” for making admissions decisions,” said West. “This has helped some students, especially those with higher grade point averages. I think applying without a test score has hurt some students with lower grade point averages because it gives the college less to consider their application.”

Test scores are necessary for things like some types of aid, though.

“Many schools (like CMU) still require SAT or ACT scores for Fall 2021 if the student wants to be considered for the highest amount of merit-based financial aid,” said West. “I suspect most schools will remain score-optional for admissions for next year as well (2022) but schools have not announced this yet.”

As to scholarships and financial aid, the pandemic may cause colleges to have a more open view.

“I think that financial aid and scholarships may be more available to more students,” said Sam Sinicropi.

This is a time that will be remembered in the history books and will be one of the most memorable things the world has ever faced.

“Students of this generation will be talking about 2020 for the rest of their lives. Movies, books, TV Shows and video games will keep 2020 in everybody’s memories forever, much like WW I, WW II, Vietnam and 9/11,” said Sinicropi.

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