Struggles With Maintaining Stability Within the Online School Environment

It was never meant to be easy. With the pandemic going on it has been difficult for everyone to keep up with the things life throws. Photo By:

In a normal year, balancing school, work, home, and social life can be a challenge. During this pandemic, things can be even more stressful.

Not everyone has found having to stay inside terrible.

“I’m good with or without distractions, I think I’m very strong minded,” said junior Shayla McKinney.

McKinney said it’s not hard at all for her, even with distractions. It may even be easier for quiet people who barely talk which means more time to themselves. 

“All I do is go to work and go home and do homework and go to sleep, I don’t think it’s that hard,” said senior Nasya Bates. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to be in a distraction-free environment.

“I have like seven siblings and they’re always getting into something!” said Junior Taanna Phipher. 

Phipher said she has a hard time concentrating and gets frustrated very easily. Because of the pandemic, they can’t just go to school and talk it through with one of her friends.

“My mom takes this pandemic very seriously so it’s not like I can go anywhere,” said Phipher. “I have to watch my siblings and they are so bad.” 

The pandemic has not affected everyone equally. With the release of vaccines, there is hope that an end is in sight. But that end will not be right away. Many health officials say that the country will not be back to “normal” by summer, or maybe not even by the end of 2021. For those who are struggling to stay on top of schoolwork and avoid distractions, “normal” can’t come soon enough.

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