Will You Take It? How People Feel About the COVID Vaccine

The new vaccine has come in clear and people are concerned of what’s in it and its possible side effects. Photo By: freepik.com/freepik

The news of a vaccine is a cause for celebration and is giving the world hope that an end to the pandemic is in sight. While people are beginning to get vaccinated, many still are unclear about the specifics of the vaccine, and how it works.

“I know it’s a shot but I don’t know what’s in it,” said junior Mia Sinicropi.

Though the vaccines have gone through rigorous trials and testing, some are still concerned about possible side effects.

“[I’m] only worried about what the long term effects can be,” said Everett alumni Braydon Moore.

Claims of adverse side effects can be found circulating on social media, but most of these are easily debunked by a Google search.

“I’ve seen some articles saying it can make you infertile but I haven’t looked into it much,” said Sinicropi. After rumors of infertility spread online, sources from hospitals and doctors worldwide were quick to explain that this is definitely not true.

Still, people want to get vaccinated because a pandemic is still occurring.

“Yes, [I will get the shot] when I can,” said junior Onelicia Gelista.

People are already in the process of receiving the vaccine.

“My mom’s getting it soon,” said Sinicropi.

“My mom got one shot but has to get another soon,” said Moore.

Many were scared in the beginning, but most agree that the pandemic needs to be over. The vaccine is the way to make that happen.

“We were all worried at first but now everyone wants it to help make it go away,” said Gelista.

The vaccine is not mandatory, though most are choosing to receive it. For the vaccine to put a stop to COVID-19 (what is known as “herd immunity”), experts say that 80% to 95% of the population needs to be vaccinated. 

“I think people should have a choice but it can come with consequences,” said Sinicropi.

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