Updates on How Winter Sport Seasons Will Start Running

After the district cancelled fall sport seasons, winter sports have been given the go to begin conditioning and practicing. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Winter sports will be held this year after a long postponement and an anxious wait for the season to begin. The student athletes are excited to begin conditioning and practices.

“Beginning January 19th there will be conditioning starting for the contact sports [basketball, wrestling]. Tryouts will not be held until we hear another update from MDHHS/ MHSAA. Non-contact sports (swimming and bowling) will begin practice and tryouts January 19th,” said Athletic Director Elizabeth Ballinger. 

Student athletes can not wait to begin practicing and conditioning for their respective sports.

“I’ve been waiting for the season to start, now that we got word it’s time to turn us up,” said senior guard Cyron Dunn.

Many of the student athletes gave up hope on believing that they would have a season during this pandemic.

“For a few months I did give up hope knowing we couldn’t do things the normal way and the season continually getting pushed back, but now it feels like a fresh start and I’m ready to get back into the competition,” said senior wrestler Chaka Glenn.

Although winter sports are going to happen we are not sure if we will have students, parents teachers or any spectators in the stands. Some students want there to be fans because they do not know how it would feel without them.

“I don’t know if we should, but without them I think the games and matches would feel like scrimmages and I don’t think people would give their all during scrimmages,” said senior guard Talia Bills.

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