Will Going Back To School Be Optional at Everett?

With Governor Whitmer’s wish to begin in person classes in March, parents and students question whether or not they have an option. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

The most asked question this year might be “when will life be normal again?” That question has been unanswered for almost a year. Many people want to go back to school. Online learning might work for some, but face to face learning is where some excel.

“There’s a different feeling getting up everyday and going to school,” said senior Amiya Hill. “Opening a computer is not the same.”

Some schools are planning to go back in February, and some have never closed. Lansing schools have been closed this whole school year.

While some students like online, some like face to face. Should students have the option to go back to school if they want?

This might be a dangerous idea, considering the fact that COVID-19 is still a threat, and cases are still high. 

The governor wants schools to be back by March 1, but the decision is up to the Lansing School District. It’s obvious that everyone is not on the same page.

“There should definitely be a plan for parents who are not comfortable with their children going back to school,” said Everett science teacher Heather Clark.

Hybrid school has been an idea lately and might be good for people who are eager to get back into school. A hybrid model means that students attend part of the week online, and part in person. This allows for fewer students in the building, so social distancing can be in place.

“The governor wants us to come back to school in some way, hybrid could be the only way,” said parent Tamera Alexander. 

Going back to school sounds fun, but there is also a harsh reality that something bad could happen. New strains of COVID-19 are far more contagious, and few people have received the vaccine to help slow the spread.

“I think we should wait until people have the option to get vaccinated and see where it goes,” said Clark.

Many are coming to the realization that we may now go back too soon. It will be another year of missed experiences, especially for seniors. 

For many, though, staying away from school is a better solution than the risk of spreading disease to family members. 

February 1, restaurants are planning to open back up for indoor dining, at 25% capacity. Movie theaters and gyms are open for business. The state is trying to figure out how to get things back to something resembling “normal.” 

There are many who are concerned about moving back to face-to-face learning too quickly. Currently, it is all a waiting game as Lansing and other school districts work to figure out what is best for their students and staff.

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