Throughout this series, we will be introducing new staff that recently joined the Viking family as of this year. Helping students get to know those around the building and through the screens. Photo Courtesy of: Heather Nation

Heather Nation is the new main office secretary. She has been married for over 13 years to her husband Nick, who is an engineer at Spartan Motors on the fire truck line. They have an 11-year-old son named Chase. 

“I’m most proud of who my son is today,” said Nation, who is 38. “My son just started 4H with the Royston Rockets last year and during his first year he won “Best of Breed” on his rabbits.”

4H is an agricultural program for children who want to learn how to raise animals, make crafts, and learn how to farm. 

On their farm in Charlotte, they raise ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and peacocks. They call it “Our Mini Family Farm,” which her son takes big inspiration from at home. 

“We bought him all these animals on our farm so he can learn about their breed, how to distinguish genders, species, where they come from, and their egg colors,” said Nation.

Due to COVID shutting everything down, it made it difficult for them to celebrate and look into the future successes of their son. 

“We are hopeful 2021 will be a much better year for us with showing off all his hard work in 2020,” said Nation.

Before becoming Everett’s secretary in October 2020, Nation was previously employed at PNC Bank and left in June to focus on herself. June 17, she had bariatric weight loss surgery which has helped her lose 75 pounds.

“I loved that job. I didn’t go back to it because I wanted something that gave my life purpose,” said Nation. “Even though I’m just a secretary, there’s lots of students already today that come through my office needing help. It’s important that they rely on someone that they can trust, and know they’ll be there when they need them the most.” 

During her free time she loves to shop and binge watch “Nashville” and “The Chicago Trilogies,” as well as reading magazines and her favorite author Mitch Albom.

In becoming our new secretary this year, Nation wants everyone to know that she is a safe person to go to with any needs you might have. She understands, sees the positive in any situation, and can help in times of struggles and hardships.

“I’m hoping to offer Everett High School someone who can be not only reliable and dependable, but someone who is desired to be around,” said Nation. “An infectious upbeat environment and a wholesome home grown, down to earth attitude.”

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