Are COVID Cases Rising More Amongst Teens or Adults?

With tons of new cases being reported day by day, the question is: who is responsible for spreading it at rapid rates? Illustration by:

As we progress through this global pandemic, citizens are starting to get more and more restless with the continuous quarantine rules.

It seems as though many other countries have been able to get back to what they know to be “normal.”

This undeniably raises the question, when will America get it together?

Finding out the answer to this question can potentially point the finger as to who breaks the quarantine rules more often and who partially is to blame for our many setbacks as a country regarding this global pandemic.

According to NPR, young adults are driving coronavirus infections in the US and are likely spreading the virus to older, more vulnerable populations.

According to a recent report from the Centers for disease control and prevention, early in the covid-19 pandemic, older adults were more likely to get infected.

When researchers analyzed cases from June to August, they found that people in their 20’s accounted for the largest share of confirmed cases compared to other age groups. 

“This group is going to continue to transmit a lot of the virus,” says Mike Osterholm, director of the center for infectious disease research and policy at the University of Minnesota.

While deaths from this age group are not high, they are the ones who need to be careful to stop the spread.

“I think that teens may get it, but they have stronger immune systems, so when they get it and spread it they are able to get over the infection while the people they spread it to, may not be able to get rid of it as easily,” said senior Mikeise May.

While young adults are receiving attention for their role in spreading the virus, not everyone thinks teens deserve much of the blame.

“Adults seem to be out more than teens, with going to work and being out and about within the world, while teens aren’t even doing things like school in person,” said senior Ana Charles.

All in all, there are many opinions on who has spread the virus more rapidly, but the truth is everyone has a share in America being in the state it is in regarding this pandemic. Everyone needs to take care of themselves within the proper manner to control the spread of this contagious virus.

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