The Impact of COVID-19 Closures on Dine-in Restaurants

With new restrictions being brought out, restaurants have shut down dine-in services once again until further notice. Students share how they feel about things coming back to close. Photo By: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

On March 23, 2020 Governor Whitmer enacted executive order 2020-21. This was an order ordering people in Michigan to stay home, limit gatherings and travel. This also ordered people who weren’t required workers necessary for protecting life to stay home. 

For weeks, restaurants were closed to in-person dining. This made it hard for restaurant owners and workers to make enough money to support their needs.

“It’s reducing customers and business because many people want to dine in and when the restaurant doesn’t offer it, they likely go somewhere else,” said senior Day Meh. 

Meh, who works at a dine-in restaurant, said that it was hard working at a dine-in restaurant during a pandemic. 

“The most difficult would be not making as much money from tips because all the orders are takeouts,” said Meh.

Restaurants shutting down has caused many problems for the restaurant industry. 

The Michigan restaurant industry took a massive hit in March due to the COVID-19 outbreak, losing an estimated $491 million and 72,000 jobs,” Detroit’s WXYZ News reported on their website.  

After nine months of closing, reopening at limited capacity, then closing again, many restaurants have been closed down for good. Restaurants such as the Brunch House, Mijo Diners, Frandor Deli, Cops and Donuts and more. Many other places have been temporarily closed.

Many people miss dining in restaurants.

“What I miss most is how you can sit with your whole family and catch up on things, also I feel like you can really connect with someone,” said sophomore Jalynn Davis.

Senior Hama Pashazadeh misses dining in, as well.

“Smelling the food as it’s being made in the kitchen, feeling the freshness. Not complaining when the food is delayed knowing I’m in for a treat,” said Pashazadeh. 

Dine-in restaurants surely are missed by Everett students. According to Eater Detroit, dine in restaurants will probably take some time to reopen. The recent extension of the shutdown pushes reopening to at least January 15.

On Eater Detroit, Robert Gordon, director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human services, implied that restaurants and bars were unlikely to open back up soon.

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