What Are Upperclassmen Doing About the SAT?

Since the beginning of lock down, several colleges and universities across the country are not requiring SAT scores to be included during the application process for class of 2021. Photo By: freepik.com/katemangostar

As we continue this unorthodox school year, many seniors are beginning their college application processes and one of the biggest questions is, what are colleges doing about the SAT? Are seniors taking the SAT? Most of the colleges are giving SAT scores an optional choice in that most seniors do not plan to take it.

“The colleges I’m interested in don’t require it, and also I don’t feel confident on what my score would turn out to be,” said senior Dzariah Hopkins.

Many seniors are also using their PSAT scores to gauge how they would do on the SAT to make their decision of taking it or not.

“My PSAT scores aren’t good, so no reason to showcase that to colleges,” said senior Kimani Williams.

Although many seniors did not take the SAT and have missed many of the test dates, there are still dates available to take the test. Counseling Department Chair Jennifer West said that for 2021, March 13, May 8 and June 5 are still on the testing calendar.

Some dates have been canceled due to COVID.

The SAT will be taken in person if you choose to take it. 

“The SAT is only available in person. No online version is available,” said West.

The in-person requirement may affect how many are comfortable taking the test this year.

“I don’t plan on taking it, but I know my mom would not want me to take it in person right now anyways, she would rather have it online,” said senior Eric Dennis.

There is also a free resource for students to practice and get ready for the SAT.

“I would recommend students use Khan Academy through their College Board accounts,” said West. “Khan Academy uses the students most recent test score (usually the PSAT) to design individualized study guides based on areas of strength and weakness.”

West said that SAT prep that would normally happen in classes at Everett isn’t happening, and that students will need to do it on their own.

“With less time in class, more responsibility to practice is placed on the students outside of school hours,” said West. 

As many schools aren’t requiring the SAT to apply, the impact of COVID on the test scores may really never be known, at least for the class of 2021.

“I could not speak to the impact on scores as of right now, as very few Everett seniors have taken the SAT so far this year,” said West.

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