Round Two: Lockdown in Michigan

As we thought it would get better by now at the beginning of lockdown, it has only gotten worse with cases skyrocketing in Michigan causing to go back to square one. Illustration By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Covid has ruined so much of 2020. It has ruined graduations, proms, open houses, birthdays, and holidays. 

“I was supposed to be going to Florida for my birthday [December 15th], Now It’s possible I won’t be going due to this second shut down,” said Junior Zamariah Jackson. 

Last week, Michigan instituted a three-week lockdown of restaurants and other businesses, and established strict guidelines for indoor gatherings. The new guidelines came in response to a recent spike in cases and hospitalizations. 

“I am annoyed because if people would have been social distancing and wearing masks in the first place then the cases wouldn’t be so high, and we wouldn’t have gotten shut down again,” said Jackson.

The second lockdown was being talked about everywhere: the news, social media, sports group chats, and emails/text messages.

“I heard from the news and my basketball coach,” said junior Cameron Lower.

Many high school students are annoyed due to this second lockdown. They don’t want to continue online learning, they are tired of being in the house, and they are mad all sports are being cancelled. 

“I just think it’s so annoying that we have to keep going on lockdown and no one follows the guidelines. So, it’s pointless to me,” said junior Alyson Godel.

Also, many people believe this lockdown is going to last longer than three weeks.

“Last time we were on a lockdown, it did. Plus we got a whole bunch of new cases,” said junior DeAsia Hall.

Some students have lost all hope for returning back to face to face school this year, due to this second lockdown.

“I did [think we’d go back to face to face learning] before this second lockdown happened. Now, I don’t believe we’re going back to school this year at all,” said Jackson.

We still don’t know for sure if we will be going back to face to face learning this year or not. Nobody has an answer yet, and may not for a while.

“Unofficially, I hear we’re staying online through at least the third quarter,” said William Littlejohn, a teacher from Everett High School.

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