Among Us: The Game Everyone’s Talking About

All around the world, Among Us has become one of the most talked about game in 2020 with millions of users playing daily. Photo by: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Among Us is the new phone game that everyone is going crazy for.

How to play the game is very simple. 4-10 people can play together as friends or online and the object of the game is to stay alive, finish tasks, and not to get killed by the “imposters.” There are two roles you can be randomly selected in the beginning of the game, crewmates or imposters. Crewmates are the people who have tasks to complete and not get killed by the imposters. Imposters are people who have fake tasks, pretend to be crewmates, kill off the crewmates and vent without getting caught. When a body is found, someone can report it and determine who the imposter is and vote them out. There are two ways to win: 1) the crewmates vote out the imposters or finish their tasks, or 2) the imposters kill everyone off or convince the last three people that it’s not them.

Some people like to play with friends and say it’s a lot of fun.

“It’s so fun especially when my friends are bad as crewmates when I’m an imposter,” said senior Gabriela Ivonne Lopez-Salgado.

Some people like to trick and lie to their friends.

“Yes because I like to mess with my friends,” said senior Jose Flores.

Some people’s favorite part of the game is being on the dark side.

“I love being the impostor and messing with friends,” said Lopez-Salgado.

The ability to interact with people during the pandemic has been one of the game’s key selling points.

“I think this game is an overall fun game, you can play with friends and with people online, the game itself is fun, and there’s no other game really like it out right now,” said Flores.

“Yo this game is so fun like secretly, being on the phone when we are in a meeting and hearing everyone scream and yelling and it’s so funny but I like the game a lot,” said senior Cristian Ruiz-Cruz.

Another key selling point is the cost. As a mobile app, Among Us is free. The company makes money from ad sales and in-app purchases. On Steam, the ad-free game is only a $5 download for your computer.

This game came out in 2018 but became more popular now because of the pandemic.

According to Jack CouRage Dunlop in 2018 the game among us was released and the avenger players count was 8.2 million people, but downloads rocketed in July and August. Now, Among Us has over 82 million downloads, and 60 million active players. 

The profit that the company made in 2018 and now has tripled over two years.

According to Pocket in 2018 the profit that the company made was $3.2 million, but others have estimated that in-app purchases and ad revenue push profits into the hundreds of millions.

Facing Call of Duty: Mobile, Pokemon Cafe Mix, Animal Crossing, Fall Guys and many others, Among Us took home “The Mobile Game of the Year” and “The Best Multiplayer Game” at The Game Awards 2020.

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