Making a Shift Into a New Schedule

A new change has been added into the weekly schedule for students in the Lansing School District. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Now that they’re doing online school, there have been a lot of changes. The confusion of the shift to online combined with learning the technology has made the start of the year a struggle for some.

To help students and teachers manage online school, the Lansing School District made “asynchronous” time before and after the three and a half hours of “screen to screen” classes. This time allows students to complete their classwork, it gives teachers time to make individual student or parent contact.

One of the features of asynchronous time is “office hours,” a scheduled time that each teacher sets up for students to stop in and get help with any classwork. It’s very helpful to those who need it, and every teacher is asked to post their office hours.

Junior Shayla McKinney said she understands why some teachers may not offer as many opportunities for office hours as others.

“Due to 100,000 emails, they’re way too busy to make time for students,” said McKinney. 

The flood of emails teachers receive are one reason that some think they need to have office hours. Trying to contact teachers via email can be difficult, or take too long to get the help they need.

“[Office hours are] very helpful for those who are behind, and it can be hard adjusting to computers,” said Cheryl Taylor.

Taylor added that if office hours are required, every teacher should be available.

“I doubt that they’ll all participate but it’s there so they should follow [the rules],” said Taylor.

English teacher Robin Elliott said that coming to virtual office hours have the same benefit as coming in for help after school.

“I used to tutor after school. This is another way to do so,” said Elliott, who encouraged students to take advantage of their teacher’s office hours. 

“You get out of your education what you put in,” said Elliott.

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