Is TikTok Getting Banned Anytime Soon?

TikTok, a controversial social media platform that allows you to create and share short three to sixty second videos. It’s became a very addicting app teens love and the Trump administration fears. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

According to threats made by President Trump, TikTok could be banned in the United States. The company that owns TikTok is based in China, and there is a concern that they could take user information to implement hacks against US citizens and companies. The threat is real, and the US and China are trying to work out an agreement. One possibility is allowing a US company to buy TikTok. At one point, Microsoft was mentioned as a potential buyer, but that deal went away.

Everett students are big fans of the social media video app, and many say they would be unhappy if it went away.

“I really love TikTok… it feels like I can’t live without [it],” said sophomore Roshni Monger. “When Trump says he will be banning it, I really feel so sad.”

Many students shared Monger’s love for the app.

“When I first heard that Tik Tok will be going away I literally cried, because for me TikTok  is something that entertains me, something that makes me laugh,” said sophomore Habon Aden.

For Aden, TikTok isn’t only for fun. There are educational accounts, as well.

“Tik tok is not just an entertainment, you can learn many things from TikTok,” said Aden.

Seventh grader Srijan Ghising, TikTok going away would leave a space in his life that could be hard to fill.

“For me TikTok is like, come live in my heart and pay no rent,” said Ghising .

The deadline for TikTok’s parent company ByteDance to sell any assets that allow it to operate the TikTok app in the US is November 27. Unless an extension is filed, no sale from ByteDance will mean no more TikTok for Everett students and millions of other users in the United States.

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