Comparing the New Next Generation Consoles

This holiday season the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was released. These two consoles go head-to-head and are in extremely high demand at the moment. Photo By: Harrison Sanders

The next generation of consoles are almost here. After seven years of having the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Sony and Microsoft have announced their new consoles, the Xbox series X and PlayStation 5. The release date for the PlayStation 5 was November 12, while the Xbox X was released November 10. 

The prices of the consoles are similar: the PlayStation 5 “digital edition” sells for $399 and the regular disc version is $499. The Xbox X is priced at $499. Many students believe that the price is understandable but is still a lot.

“The price is steep, but I get it and I’m not mad at it,” said senior Oronde Stokes.

There have always been console wars between Xbox and PlayStation since the beginning, and that trend has not stopped with these two consoles. 

“I’ve been siding with PlayStation since last gen and I don’t plan on switching to Xbox yet,” said senior Tahje Roper.

While the console wars are still going on, Microsoft and Sony do not have a bad relationship with each other.

“Congratulations on your launch Sony,” Xbox tweeted on the PS5’s release day.

Although everyone wants the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, they are very hard to come by due in part to COVID-19. Stores have not done any in-store launches, and they do not want anyone standing in lines for the systems to drop. Buyers are only able to get a system by pre-ordering it or ordering one online. Stores have been doing random drops on their sites, and if you are not one of the first people to put one in your online cart it will tell you they are sold out.

“I had one in my cart, and then it just said it was unavailable,” said senior Sam Perez.

While getting a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is not easy, it is not impossible. One thing you can do is follow Sony, Walmart, Xbox, PlayStation or Gamestop on Twitter and watch for drops. Another tip is to leave your credit card information in websites like Walmart so don’t have to put it last minute which causes you to slow down in the process.

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