The Benefits of Count Day and Why It Matters

Count day comes around every year and many students may not know the effects it has on our school that helps make it a better environment. Photo by Alpinerecovery from FreeImages

Every year, schools have a “count day.” This year, count day was October 22. The number of students counted is used to determine how much funding a school receives from the state.

“We definitely need it. It helps a lot,” said Principal Jaime Gundrum.

Count day usually doesn’t get taken seriously by students, but the reality is that it is very important to the operation of the school district. 

“I believe the message of the count day is that we want you for your money,” said English teacher Robin Elliot. “But count day is used for funding. We need the money to learn.” 

Others don’t really think it’s that important. Like it’s not a big deal and there’s other ways to make money.

 “We could do fundraisers, it’ll definitely be more fun for the students and teachers!” said junior Kimora Cain. Of course, the roughly $7,500 per student the district gets from count day would be hard to make from cookie dough and chocolate sales.

While Cain says count day isn’t that big of a deal, some students see why it’s so important to the school district.

“Lord knows this is the easiest way of earning money and Lord knows we definitely need it,”

said junior Jakobe Anthony. 

For Anthony, coming to school for count day seems like an easy thing to do, for the benefit that comes from it.

“We walk on school grounds for free. The least we can do is go to school for a specific day. We don’t even have to pay, just come,” said Jakobe.

Not everyone is as positive about the process for school funding.

“We are forced to go to school. It’s not like we want to, so they’re getting money because we have no choice,” said Myhonesty Portee.

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