Is Senior Seminar Worth the Requirement?

A new class adjusted into senior’s schedules teaches readiness skills and the process of applying to college. Becoming a new requirement in order to graduate. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

Senior Seminar is a mandatory class that teaches seniors college readiness skills. Some seniors said the class isn’t giving them the skills they actually need.

“It’s preparing me for college, but not for the real world,” said senior Samaya Plater.

Senior Seminar is slightly different from College Readiness, a class many seniors have already taken. Some seniors object to being required to take Senior Seminar when they’ve already taken College Readiness.  

“Senior Seminar is like College Readiness, just for seniors,” said Samaya. “I already took College Readiness last year. Why do I need to take two classes that get me ready for college, instead of one class that gets me ready for college and one that gets me ready for the real world?”

Most students think Senior Seminar is an easy class, but they also believe it’s beyond unnecessary.

“I don’t think the class is necessary, because Senior Seminar hasn’t gone over anything our college advisor hasn’t already covered,” said senior Eman Zahid.

Senior Ahjale Lykes agrees that the class isn’t very helpful.

“Although Senior Seminar is an easy A, I don’t think it should be a mandatory class to graduate. The things we are doing are not impossible for us to do on our own, or simply email a teacher about,” said Lykes. “It [also covers what we do in] English, because we had to write a personal statement.”

One student thought Senior Seminar was going to be a helpful catch up hour. 

“I thought it was going to be an hour for us to catch up on assignments. Not do more assignments,” said senior Shoshana White.

Doing assignments on Xello takes up the majority of the time is Senior Seminar Classes. Xello is a very popular website for students, seniors in particular. Xello helps you find a career, study the career, and make sure it’s the career you want.

“We do assignments on what we plan on doing after high school and other assignments on Xello,” said Zahid.

Among the students interviewed for this story, the reviews are in: Senior Seminar is a mandatory class that they believe is unnecessary.

“It’s a waste of time,” said Plater. 

“I’m not learning anything new,” said Zahid. 

“It just seems like a filler,” said Lykes. 

“It’s boring,” said White.

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