When Will Students Return School Technology?

Students and family members of the Lansing School District question when technology distributed in August will be returned. Photo By: Itzel Mendoza Lopez

As the 2020 school year moves along, many questions are being raised regarding electronics that were given to students in the beginning of the year.          

One of the many questions being asked at Everett High School is, “when will we have to return the laptops?”

According to Lansing School District Executive Director of School Improvement, the answer depends on the coronavirus.

“That will be determined once we are able to go back face-to-face,” said Benavides. “Once we know what that model for students to return will look like we will know more about whether or not students would need to have technology at home.”

Benavides said that the district has distributed over 9,500 devices district wide, and Lansing knows that technology plays an important part in a student’s education.

Some students believe that laptops should be kept until senior year, until it is certain that we are going back to school in person.

“We should just be able to keep them until the end of the year,” said senior Ahjale Lykes.

Some are even saying that students should keep the laptops they were given as their “assigned” laptops from the school.

“There are some people suggesting that it would be nice for students to remain having a device even as we go back to school,” said principal Jaime Gundrum.

Parents and guardians are also beginning to wonder about technology.

“What happens to the laptops as we gradually go back to school?” asked Everett guardian Versey Williams.

Many, if not all parents were ordered to sign a paper in order to obtain laptops for their students.

Some students who have school laptops no longer need them and are ready to send them back. Others like having a separate machine for schoolwork.

“I feel more comfortable with the laptops given because I don’t want to mix my personal stuff with my school stuff,” said student Ken Nyguen.

Whenever devices are returned, Benavides says the process will be handled at the school level.

“Students would return laptops to their schools, and they would be checked in through Synergy,” said Benavides.

Anyone not returning their device when the time comes can face a penalty.

“Families would need to reimburse the school district up to $250 as documented on the technology agreement that was signed by each family at distribution,” said Benavides.

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