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Students share their favorite albums released throughout quarantine: Gabe Herrera, Chaka Glenn, Jenna Robins, and Gabriela Lopez-Salgado Photo Illustration: Itzel Mendoza Lopez, photos from artist’s website.

Throughout this global pandemic, people have been prioritizing staying home. For some musicians, this allowed them to spend time bringing back their creative sides. 

Whether it’s an album, EP, or even a single, constant music has been released a lot lately.

Artists who haven’t dropped music in years have taken advantage of this time to let their voices be heard again.

Times may be hard, but despite changes we’ve been thankfully getting constant music releases from every genre.

Students at Everett share their albums from their favorite artists that helped them get through this pandemic.

Limbo-  Album by Aminé  

After two or  three years since he last dropped his albums “Good for You” and “OnePointFive,” Amine dropped his latest album “Limbo” on August 7, containing a total of 14 songs. 

“There’s a lot of personal growth based off this album compared to his last one for sure. Definitely prefer “Limbo” over his last,” said senior Gabe Herrera. 

This album sees Animé collaborating with artists including JID, Charlie Wilson, Young Thug, Slowthai, Vince Staples, Summer Walker, and Injury Reserve. 

“[I really like] Young Thug’s feature on “Compensating.” His feature is really fun and just brings a different sort of dynamic or energy to the rest of the song that makes it a highlight for me off the album,” said Herrera.

The artist touched on certain topics such as dealing with loss, mental health, growing into adulthood and the problems we face in the world today.

“The one that really stuck out to me was “Fetus.” The song holds more weight because one of the members of Injury Reserve, the group that features on the track, Jordan Groggs recently passed away back in June. In the song he talks about what it’s like to raise a child in the world we live in currently and to me that hit hard because he had to unfortunately leave a family behind,” said Herrera.

Overall Amine set the bar high, going through his journey of emotions. Peaking at Billboard’s number 8 on August 22. Limbo is on all streaming services.

“I’d recommend this to anyone who likes modern day west coast rap or even early 2000’s hip hop because of how versatile Amine’s sound is on Limbo. I’d give it a 7.5-8. I think it’s his most cohesive sounding album yet,” said Herrera

Limbo on Spotify

Limbo on Apple Music

No Pressure – Album By Logic

Releasing his sixth studio album on July 24, rapper Logic shares his retirement along with his release. The album has a total of 12 songs and is exclusively produced by hip-hop producer No I.D.

“As far as his retirement and this being his last album, it’s a little sad being he is one of my favorite artists,” said Senior Chaka Glenn 

“He is doing it for reasons that he wants to be a good father and family man, also to just live life instead of making music all the time so I think it’s good for him to be exploring new chapters of his life,” said Glenn.

After a social media absence, Logic and partner Brittney Noell welcomed their new addition to their family, a son named Bobby (AKA “Little Bobby”), named after Logic himself.

“ ‘A2Z’, he has a recording of his newborn son which once he’s 18, he will get a percentage of earnings from the song which I thought was a good thing Logic did,” said Glenn

There are sampled sounds throughout the album from tracks such as Erykah Badu’s “Didn’t Cha Know,” OutKast’s “Elevators” and Lupe Fiasco’s “Gold Watch.”

“My first experience listening to the album was like the experience with all his other projects, very good. He always puts meanings behind almost every song and says things most artists won’t say,” said Glenn.

The release of this album has been a success for Logic, as his fanbase “Rattpack” seem to enjoy this album more than his last two ones. 

“I would give it an 11. He honestly made the album how he wanted it to be and didn’t worry about critics and what people would complain about,” said Glenn

“He had very deep messages in the songs like mental health, systemic racism, childhood experiences, and  becoming a father.  It’s overall a great album and I’d recommend anyone to listen to it,” 

No Pressure on Spotify

No Pressure on Apple Music

Kid Krow – Album by Conan Gray

The Indie Pop artist Conan Gray brought out his first release debut album “Kid Krow” at the start of quarantine, including 12 songs all with no features. The song “Heather” received lots of attention through TikTok.

“Almost all of the songs on this album resonates with me but if I had to pick one song it would probably have to be “Comfort crowd,” said sophomore Jenna Robins.

 “It’s about having depression and the feeling of loneliness that comes with it. It really sticks with me,

I have dealt with my own depression and feeling of loneliness. It always helps to have someone with you even if you don’t realize it at first,” said Robins

All through his album, he speaks on about his childhood and the teenage experience, becoming a voice for Generation Z.

“I like that his songs talk about different feelings that pretty much everyone has experienced, it makes people realize they aren’t the only ones who feel that way. The lyrics might be sad but the music that goes along with it is usually happy and upbeat,” said Robins.

Conan Gray did not just come out of the blue. He was a popular YouTube star with about 3 million subscribers. In 2019, he toured as an opening act for Panic! At The Disco.

“I didn’t know him back in his YouTube days, my best friend showed me him as he was getting out of it… I do think he’s grown a lot since then. I am so proud of his accomplishments and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here,” said Robins

Robins got to go to one of his concerts last year before COVID-19 hit.

“It was the best experience in the world, I was really close to the stage and I was there with my best friend, the energy around us was so happy and fun that it felt like I was in a room with all my friends,” said Robins  “I would absolutely consider going to another concert of his if it wasn’t for the pandemic.”

Gray’s album has no features. All by himself, he has gained over 300 million streams. 

“I would rate it a 10, it is an amazing album and every single song he wrote himself each has a meaning behind it. It is so special especially with today’s music where most of it they just wrote it or someone wrote it for them and it has no deeper meaning along with it.”

Kid Krow on Spotify

Kid Krow on Apple Music

After School- EP by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez’s sophomore album “K-12” was released last September of 2019 just four years after her LP “Crybaby.” Fast forward a year later, Martinez unveiled a deluxe version of “K-12 calling the EP “After School.”

“I like the song “Field Trip” (don’t understand it, but it’s hype haha),” said Senior Gabriela Lopez-Salgado.

In 2015, Martinez received lots of recognition from her last album, surpassing 3 billion streams worldwide, making it certified RIAA Gold. She’s known to speak about relationships, family problems, mental and self reflection issues which makes people listen more. 

 “I enjoy her older songs more just because I think they send more powerful messages, messages relating more to issues in current society and culture,” said Lopez-Salgado.

Melanie Martinez has always given off a pastel goth/babydoll style, not just in her appearance but she also incorporates it a lot in her music and videos.

“She still has good music. She’s always had her sort of own style, so that’s nice,” said Lopez-Salgado.

It doesn’t stop there. This has been one of her biggest projects yet with even uploading a movie that follows along with her “K-12” album. Melanie Martinez has been always giving us a storyline from the start. 

“Didn’t know what to expect. I knew I would most likely like her new album, because she’s a good artist. All in all, I’m not disappointed. It’s a good album,” said Lopez-Salgado.

After School on Spotify

After School on Apple Music

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