Social distancing guidelines in place for good reason

As the quarantine wears on, it gets harder to remain socially distant. But it’s what needs to happen if we’re ever going to get back to some sort of normal.

By now, we know how bad things have gotten: coronavirus cases going up, demonstrations and armed protests happening and people not following the stay-at-home rules. There are changes happening to people’s lives, and there are many rules that have been put in place. Having rules in your state means using caution and staying safe, which is to help everyone who needs it, even though some people do not listen. Those people need to realize there is a reason that is happening, there is a reason why we want people to stay in their home and not be out. It keeps things under control for the situation to not get worse. We need to follow the guidelines from our state leaders because they are there to help us. Currently, those guidelines are to stay home, and only go out if you work or need groceries. If you do go out, wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart.

If people ignore guidelines about gathering and masks/handwashing, the virus can spread faster, and the curve we flattened could start to go up again. This could cause hospitals to become overburdened and there would not be any room for more infected people. As the quarantine continues, and the weather becomes warm and sunny, people do not want to be inside anymore. But maybe they do not understand the reason yet, or they do not want to believe it. Even after the stay-at-home is lifted (currently May 28), things like masks and distancing will still be necessary.

If we don’t follow the guidelines now, this quarantine could continue into the summer and the fall and who knows how far.

“Not a lot of people took it seriously when it was first announced and kept going places and seeing people which caused it to be even more spread,” said senior Elizabeth Lagunas.

If people do not listen, that is what is going to cause the spread to go further.

Overall, staying inside may not be easy for those who enjoy being outside. But we need to think about the virus and think about others. If we want this to be over, we need to listen to the doctors and state leaders, who are doing what’s needed to keep us safe. We need to think about everyone and the future we want to have and the one we can have. We can do this. It isn’t forever. Keep following the guidelines now, and we all will be able to enjoy life sooner and continue to do things we want to do.

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Maleni Esquivel

Current Sports Editor of The Viking Voice

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