Lansing mayor: ‘We will get through this together’

On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Whitmer officially closed in person K-12 in-person classroom time for the rest of the school year. Many people in the Everett community have continued to be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Michigan has the second most coronavirus cases in the U.S according to the CDC.

Michigan’s capital city, Lansing also has a large number of cases. Lansing’s Mayor, Andy Schor has continued to help enforce the CDC’s recommendations while also focusing on the mental and physical well-being of the people of Lansing. 

“City of Lansing parks are still open,” said Mayor of Lansing, Andy Schor. “All of our residents have at least one park within 10 minutes from their home,” he said.

“I encourage continued use of the Lansing River Trail and parks as a way to get outside and enjoy fresh air, while still practicing social distancing and using best judgment during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Schor.

Mayor Schor has continued to empower the people of Lansing and help residents stay positive through all of the chaos that is happening. With that said, his main priority is to keep the people in Greater Lansing safe.

“The priority for me and my Administration is for the safety of our residents and employees, while still ensuring that necessary services are provided,” said Schor. “Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbors and our co-workers by practicing social distancing to ensure that the virus does not spread,” he said.

“We will get through this together,” said Schor.

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