Lansing students, residents try to avoid cabin fever

Streets are empty in many neighborhoods, as people comply with the statewide quarantine. You can still go for walks, though, and are encouraged to get out at least once a day. Just remember this is meant to be an activity for one or two people only, keeping at least six feet apart.

With the “shelter in place” lockdown put in place by Governor Whitmer due to COVID-19, many people are finding themselves restless and bored as more time passes. Sure, you can watch Netflix for three days straight, but for some that activity isn’t as intriguing as the days pass by. For Michigan’s K-12 students, their break is going into its fourth week, and with that comes a heavy dose of cabin fever. 

“Everyday feels like a blur, it’s all the same thing,” said sophomore Roman Tremble. 

Meanwhile, many students are utilizing their newfound abundance of time to pick up a new hobby or skill. 

“Outside of what I normally do, I’ve been learning two different languages,” said local artist Mya Brown, who is a dancer as well as talented actor.

Some students still have to go into work, being deemed ‘essential,’ especially if they work in the food industry or at the grocery store. While at work, they do their best to follow CDC recommendations, such as keeping a six foot distance from all other people, washing your hands often and disinfecting surfaces. For others it’s now just a matter of staying preoccupied at home and hoping others are doing their part to flatten the curve. 

“I’m trying to use essential oils and a diffuser to ease my mind and anxiety,” said Sexton graduate Jaylen Sanders. “Like every night I put lavender oil in the diffuser to help me sleep. I’ve always wanted to do it but I never felt like I had the time to do it.”

It’s a perfect time to cure your boredom and turn it into an opportunity to explore a new or old spark. Many craft stores and online retailers are still providing online shipping to homes with two day shipping. Also, there is no ban on being outside, as long as you keep a safe distance from others. A recent Sierra Club article encourages people to get outside for their mental health.

Find some way to make a trip to your nearest woodlot…or hillside,” writes author Jason Mark. “Take the dog for a walk. Sit in your backyard or garden. As long as you’re able to do so in a way that meets the recommendations for social distancing, figure out how to get outside however you can.”

Be warned, though: Michigan has a $1,000 fine for people who violate the Stay At Home order, so make sure you’re not going out in a group, and you’re keeping a safe distance from anyone you might meet on your walk or run.

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