Essential worker: ‘I thought I had Corona’

These days, a fever is no joke. After taking her temperature five times daily and checking in with her doctor, Rebecca Tremble was finally cleared to go back to work.

Paranoia is at all time high with the COVID-19 plaguing our surrounding areas. Many are led to wondering if that cough or headache is just from the cold wind or a sign of something worse. While most are following the state-wide order to stay home and quarantine, “essential employees” have an extra layer of stress added upon them. Healthcare workers, some restaurant employees, grocery store employees, truckers and others are still leaving their homes to head to work, every day facing the possibility of the virus infecting their workspace. 

For Everett parent Rebecca Tremble, these fears became very real when she woke up Monday morning with a fever. 

“I work for the USDA on a farm, so I can’t work from home. I didn’t want to be the one to make everyone sick. I had a feeling it was just stress; but you never know,” said Tremble. 

With hospitals already being flooded, Tremble felt it was best to stay home and gauge her temperature. With much luck and rest, her fever subsided within two days, seeming that the problem wasn’t COVID-19.

“It was harder proving I didn’t have it so I could go back to work than it was calling in and explaining I might be sick with the Coronavirus,” said Tremble.

Tremble took her temperature five times a day and took pictures to send to her boss and show her doctor. She waited three days to be able to get in contact with her doctor and get a note signifying that she didn’t have the virus and would be able to go back to work.

“It was more stressful than anything. No one wants to have it, regardless if it’d put you in critical condition or not,” said Tremble.

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