Restaurants are closing, taking the main source of income for many students

Like millions of Americans, Mackenzie Davis was laid off from work when her restaurant closed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 has changed the daily life of everyone in the world. Countries have closed their borders, schools and many businesses are being forced shut down. Many teens and adults are worried about paying bills and not being able to bring food to the table in daily life. 

Many students, like senior Mackenzie Davis, have been laid off. Before the owner closed down the restaurant where she works, there were restrictions in place to protect employees and others from COVID-19.

“[The owner made her employees] literally bleach and wash everything and didn’t let us prep new food until everything else was bought out,” said Davis.

On March 16, an order from the governor closed every restaurant in Michigan for dine-in service. Some businesses shortened their hours, and switched to takeout or deliveries. Some couldn’t do enough business that way and had to close completely, hoping to reopen when the order is lifted.

For workers like Davis, the order means lost wages and days spent confined at home under quarantine. According to the CDC and many others, the best thing Davis and others can do to get back to work as soon as possible is to stay at home to help stop the spread of the virus. Wash your hands often and if you have to go out for groceries or exercise, keep a six-foot distance from others.


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Arianna Orta

Current Reporter of The Viking Voice

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