‘Essential’ jobs under quarantine: ‘clean better, do better, help out more’

Everett parent Nathin Gillette has continued to work during the quarantine, as stores like Dollar Tree that sell food and household items are “essential” businesses that are allowed to stay open.

The virus may have put a lot of businesses down, but the Dollar Tree is still open and ready for you. 

My dad works has been busy since everyone is going crazy but doesn’t stop him from being positive about his job.

“The virus may have affected businesses, but it keeps me motivated and inspired me to clean better, do better, and help out more,” he says.

Since the recent Stay At Home order, only those in “essential” jobs are allowed to work. Because Dollar Tree sells food and other necessary items, it is considered an essential business.

“Since we work in retail… people need us to work instead of staying home and we need to provide that service,” he said.

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