Stewart: ‘I’m not ready to let go of high school soccer’

Senior Sidney Stewart is sad to be missing the end of her senior year, especially her last soccer season. While spring sports haven’t officially been cancelled as of March 25, hope that Stewart and her teammates will have one more season is fading.

For most seniors, the probable loss of prom and many senior-only activities due to the COVID-19 crisis is a tough thing to deal with. For a smaller group of seniors, the loss of their very last chance to play a spring sport hurts even more. Senior Sidney Stewart wanted a chance to enjoy at least a few moments on the field as a senior.

“Soccer season is one thing I look forward to every spring, It keeps me busy and [makes me happy],” said Stewart. 

Spring athletes have been conditioning since winter break, running the halls and getting ready to give their best their senior season. 

“It’s my last year and I’ve worked hard trying to get into shape and be as ready as I can. I’m not ready to let go of high school soccer or bonds that I have with my teammates. It’s just missed opportunities to be something great,” said Stewart. 

The MHSAA hasn’t officially ruled out a shorter spring sports season. In an interview with WILX on March 24,  MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl referenced the current April 13 date that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has set as a possible date for the current “Stay At Home” order to expire.

“Ultimately it will be a decision made by our board and we’re going to get some options in front of them and we’ll see what April the 13th brings and we’ll go from there,” Uyl said. Unfortunately for seniors, more and more discussion from medical and school leaders hints that the closure could extend beyond April, possibly until the end of the school year. None of this is official, though, as the state and the world watches to see how effective the current shelter-in-place order is at beating the virus.

Stewart and many others are struggling to find a silver lining in the closure.

“It’s nice to have a break from the stress of school and everything [that comes with school, like the work.] It gives us time to catch up on any work that we have. Realistically school work is the last thing on our mind,” said Stewart. 

As of today, it is still possible that the virus recedes and learning and school sports resumes mid-April. Things change daily. What the next week or two brings, no one yet knows.


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Maleni Esquivel

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