Senior Year Vs. COVID-19: ‘I wish the coronavirus would hurry up and go away’

For Savannah Sykes, the coronavirus pandemic means probably missing her senior soccer season.


“Life is kinda hard right now.” 

Being a senior isn’t the easiest, and many people aren’t big fans of school. But canceling all school events has been hard for many students to deal with. Senior Savannah Sykes is exhausted with all the commotion that’s taking place right now. She said she feels sad that her senior season is ending this way. 

“I’m a spring athlete, it would be great to play,” Sykes said.

Sykes has participated in many school activities in her four years of high school, and the possibility of it coming to a close without a senior trip, or prom, or maybe even a graduation? It’s hard to comprehend. 

Imagine fundraising for months for an event, just for it to be canceled weeks before. You would be mad that you wasted all that time and money. For Sykes, a big disappointment is the possibility of missing her last first game. She practiced months in advance just for games to be canceled and not rescheduled. On top of that, there hasn’t been any word about school being extended, or sports being completely canceled, or anything. 

“I wish the corona virus would hurry up and go away,” said Sykes. 

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