Extra hours during the break? Think again.

Oronde Stokes is spending lots of time with his video game controller lately. Originally he thought he could pick up more hours at his fast food job during the shutdown, but that did not work out.

As week one of the coronavirus break nears its end most places have been shut down, fast food restaurants are only drive through and most people have stayed in the house. Junior Oronde Stokes works at Chick-Fil-A, and thought he was going to be able to rack his hours up at work. His managers had other plans. 

“They took me off the schedule for this week,” said Stokes. “I guess the older people need the hours more than me so they schedule them first,” said Stokes. “They did schedule me for two days only next week though.”

The coronavirus has started to disrupt people’s money flow and has also put a plague of boredom over the students.

“I’ve just been at home playing [games] working on my room, there’s not really much else to do because everything is closed,” said Stokes.

There has also been talk of keeping the schools closed longer than anticipated. Many people are wondering how the school year will turn out for things like the SAT, prom, finals, etc.

“I was supposed to take the SAT this year but I’m not even sure what is going to happen anymore. I’m just bored at this point,” said Stokes.


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