A shutdown upside: an extra set of hands

The pandemic shutdown has changed daily life for everyone. Most of those changes are not good, but for one student it means being able to spend time with her newborn niece and help out by babysitting while other family members work.

The school shutdown is affecting millions of people. In my house, there is at least one positive side. My sister has a newborn, only one month old. Now that I’m home, she has another set of hands to help care for her new daughter.

“It’s really great to have my sister home because now I can get other things done since I have more hands with my daughter,” she said.

My sister also doesn’t have to worry about our mom, who works third shift,  watching my niece when my sister goes to work.

“When I go back to work my sister can watch her instead of our mother; [we can] let her sleep.”

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One thought on “A shutdown upside: an extra set of hands

  • March 22, 2020 at 4:27 pm

    She is so cute. Great job Emylie.


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