Filonczuk: ‘I hope my bandos aren’t letting their instruments gather dust’

Band director Penny Filonczuk sits at a piano Elvis once played. She and her students visited the RCA studio, where the piano resides, on their trip to play in the Nashville Christmas Parade in 2019. Filonczuk said that during the shutdown she hopes her students are remembering to practice their instruments.

Many people in the Everett community are being affected by the school being shut down due to COVID-19. Some people are enjoying the ‘break.’ No school, no worries, right? However, that’s not the case for Everett’s band director, Penny Filonczuck.

I really dislike not being at Everett with my students,” said Filonczuck. 

The Coronavirus has kept many people from doing the things they enjoy doing on a daily basis. The CDC recommends everyone practice social distancing. This means no parties, no sports events, no concerts, nothing. Even local restaurants are only accepting takeout and drive-through orders.

“My husband and I enjoy going out once or twice a week for a meal,” said Filonczuck. “We will miss that but are planning to place to-go orders instead from our favorite restaurants,” she said. 

Everett’s marching band is involved in many events and has been praised for its performances statewide. Being that talented requires lots of practice, inside and outside of school. 

“I’m hoping my bandos are not letting their instruments gather dust during this time away from school,” said Filonczuck. 

Social media is a very important thing during this time. Many people use it to communicate, spread news, spread awareness, etc. Right now, many schools and teachers are using it to give updates to the community. 

“I try to post daily to our band Facebook page,” said Filonczuck.

Even though the shut down might be inconvenient for Americans right now, there are many people who think the government is doing the right thing by keeping everyone safe.

“I think our Governor did what she had to do to lower the spread of Covid-19,” said Filonczuck.

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