The Dangers Of Piercing Your Own Body

On January 7, a video circulated showing a couple of freshman girls piercing their ears and belly buttons with a needle and a piercing gun in the school bathroom. For many who shared the video, there were some concerns about the girls using the same needle with blood still on it. 

“I was disgusted that girls were doing it at school, especially the bathroom with a needle that they used for other girls,” said senior Morgan Kreck.

Senior Nori Silva walked into the bathroom while the piercings were happening.

“I was so grossed out when I saw the blood; I absolutely hate blood,” said Silva.

There are risks associated with doing a piercing on your own, instead of going to a professional. warns teens to never pierce their own body or let an unlicensed ‘piercer’ do so. It could lead to serious health issues. If the needle was not properly sterile the piercing could get infected, which could lead to a bacterial infection, allergic reactions, or damage to the nerves. The infection could also lead to hepatitis, or HIV. They do advise people to go to a tattoo shop to get it done because everything is clean and sterilized and they talk though the whole process.

“None of it is safe. They should have gone to a professional because they have sterile equipment and they know a good place to pierce,” said clinical assistant Matt Stine. 

Their actions can harm themselves, but  could also cause consequences for other students as well.

“Not only could they [harm] themselves they could harm others by the blood [dripping] out on the floors,” said Stine. Diseases such as Hepatitis B and AIDS can be spread from contact with blood.

If the piercing infection gets worse, Stine warned, it could be fatal.

“If it gets extreme the infection could lead to sepsis, [which can lead to death],” said Stine. According to symptoms of infection include swelling, redness, pain, tenderness, burning, Itching, and  yellow discharge. has tips for students thinking about piercing. First, they remind teens that you don’t have to pierce your body to fit in, and that you can alway change your mind. Second they warn against using a piercing gun, saying that if you see a place that has a piercing gun, leave because piercing guns can’t be sterilized and should not be used on any body part. 

If students want to get a piercing, they should think about going somewhere clean and someone professional. Even then, infection is possible, though much less likely. 

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