The Passing of Kobe Bryant

Allison, Keith. 3 December 2014.

An unexpected tragedy devastated the whole world on January 26, 2020. A legend named Kobe Bryant passed away. He was a basketball player that spent his whole career with the Los Angeles Lakers, taken from us at the age of 41. Many knew Kobe as a basketball player, but he was so much more. He had one of the best work ethics of all time and not in just basketball: he won an Oscar right after retiring from basketball, for a short film he produced. The news hit everyone hard at Everett; even if you did not watch basketball you knew who Kobe was.

“I knew who Kobe was from my brother, he was a big Lakers fan and loved Kobe so I caught lots of Lakers games while I was little,” said junior Avery Hill.

When the news first started to come out that afternoon, there were many different versions of the story and what happened.

“I heard he was flying the helicopter himself, and that all of his family were on it. After that I just waited a little for the truth,” said Williams.

Not only did Kobe pass but his eldest daughter did as well. Gianna Bryant was 13 and was already playing basketball. She already had a nice jumper and could shoot. Many people had already guaranteed that she would be a WNBA player and not just because of her dad’s name. 

“She was the future,” stated ESPN. “WNBA players saw themselves in Gigi.”

While to some people Kobe was just a basketball player, he was much more to many people.

“He inspired me to push myself more and made an impact on my life in ways I did not realize,” said Hill.

Even if Kobe was not some people’s favorite player, Kobe still was a large presence. 

“He left an impression on the whole world and left a message. That if you work hard enough for anything that you can get it,” said Hill.

“Mamba Mentality” was the mindset that Kobe had when he went into before and during any game. It was the mentality that he used to kill other teams to zone out and just go score the ball. Some people think the Mamba Mentality means to ball hog, but to some people it means much more.

“Mamba Mentality means don’t pass the ball and just score,” said junior Jacarrion Williams.

“[It means] that you are always stronger than what you think you are,” said junior basketball player Nadia Anzaldua.

As Kobe left us, he left us with many memories as well. 

“Him torching the Raptors dropping 81, seeing him get into that mamba mentality was something special,” said Hill.

“I would say, him and Lebron matching up in the All Star game and that famous picture[of Kobe playing defense on Lebron in the all star game],” said sophomore basketball player Tyrell Green.

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