2020 Wrestling Season at Everett

Other schools are up for a challenge with Everett’s wrestling team this year. Wrestling is a tricky sport for some people to understand, but is very fun to watch as athletes pour their best on the mat. 

“I visualize everything I sacrificed to be where I’m at in that very moment and I remember the reason I stuck with it and how far I’ve come ever since,” said junior Chaka Glenn. 

Everyone has their own purpose as to why they join and what outcome it gives them. 

“Wrestling is hard but the rewards are worth it and then bonds you create are even more worth it,” said junior Andre Neal. 

Other wrestler’s want to take their highschool experience to another level and make it a career.

“I’m part of the wrestling team because I want to be part of the UFC when I grow up and I also want to defend the ones I care about like my siblings and my friends,” said junior Jose Patlan.

For weeks, student-athletes would walk into classes with a gallon of water committing to their sport.

“We gotta stay hydrated for the Alpha test, which measures how much weight you can lose,” said junior Miklo Silva.

Wrestling training consists of many different things that can be agonizing at first glance.

“The intensity and mental toughness you need to have is tremendous… it’s gruesome and rigorous training. The long practices, no water breaks, doing drills for an hour and 30 minutes straight,” said Neal. 

Many people may be surprised to know that the team has one girl wrestler: senior Eva Yang, who has wrestled since freshman year.

“I told myself freshman year that I wanted to try wrestling, it was just an interest,” said Yang.

Being the only girl, there can be some benefits.

“The good benefits about being the only girl on the wrestling team is being brave and tough enough to push myself mentally and physically just like my teammates,” said Yang. “I’m not treated any less and I still do the same work that is given at practice to become better independently.”

With the season already launched, wrestlers are expected to see some tough opponents.

“One of the tough opponents we are going up against is Waverly because they are a tough team with good wrestlers, they always push us to our best and that we will,” said Neal.

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