Everett’s New College Adviser – Ms.Park!

When students came back from winter break, many were surprised to find that there was a new College Adviser who came to Everett. Jamie Park said that it’s a big change coming into Everett mid-year.

“I was definitely nervous, but also excited. I wanted to make a good first impression on the students as well as the staff,” said Park.

There was a reason why she decided to take this job as the College Adviser.

“Mainly because it was close to [my home]. It also depended on what the job was,” said Park.

Just because it was close did not mean that she had to take the job, but she chose this school and she gets to do what she loves.

“I still would have chosen this job because working with youth has always been something I wanted to do. Helping people is a passion of mine,” said Park.

Park said that when she took the job here, she thought this was a way to begin doing what she wanted to do. 

“I know that this job can open many doors for me, as well as give me proper field experience with how I want my future to look,” said Park.

Before starting here, she was not working anywhere else, but she was doing other things.

“I was an advocate for at-risk youth while I was in college,” said Park.

Knowing that she was going to replace the adviser that used to be here, she knew that it was not going to be a bad thing for her to do so.

“To be honest, I was just excited to start my new job, I knew that Ms. Pena leaving was her own choice and she wasn’t being fired or anything, so I felt valued as a replacement,” said Park.

What she had to do first before starting was to introduce who she was because there were some students who did not know her.

“[I was feeling] a little anxious [and] silly trying to get a group of teenagers to like me. I’m a very confident person and like talking about myself so it wasn’t too bad,” said Park.

Being new to the position means learning on the job, but Park is excited to be where she is.

“Yes, I know that this position will bring up some new challenges ahead, but my passion to help these students will drive my motivation and work ethic to succeed,” said Park.

Replacing the previous College Adviser mid-year isn’t the easiest transition. There are students who felt abandoned, and worried that they wouldn’t receive the help they needed. Park understands their anxiety, but is ready to step in and get the job done.

“I know Ms. Pena did a great job, I just want to follow in her footsteps being a helpful College Adviser. She left me with useful resources that I can look back on if I ever

get stuck, I can reach her easily if I have questions,” said Park.

Park said that one thing that motivates her is the connection she feels to Everett students.

“I’m determined to do my best, and genuinely care about the students and their futures. I see myself in a lot of them and want to be the help I needed as a high schooler,” said Park.

Park said she is going to try to push kids more forward towards college thinking.

“I want to spread information and let the students know the value and importance of education after high school, ” said Park.

After a few weeks on the job, Park said she is feeling like things are coming together.

“I think the most difficult part is prioritizing my time and keeping track of all of the different events I have to plan or attend,” said Park.

The job of College Adviser can be rewarding. The work of hosting events and meeting with students pays off when they make it across the finish line.

“I love when students come fill out their FAFSAs in my office, because I get to see their faces light up when we finally hit that submit button. Other than that, I’m slowly starting to build more personal relationships with the students,” said Park.

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