Teacher’s First Names

We address teachers by Mr., Ms. or Mrs., but never by their first names. Many feel that it can be disrespectful to call a teacher by their first name. 

“They [teachers] think first names are like strictly for friends,” said junior Avery Hill.

Some teachers at Everett seem to not have a problem being called by their first names, while others don’t like being called by their first name by students.

“It just seems more appropriate in the workplace,” said social studies teacher June Estrada.

Some students understand the frustration behind the teachers being called by their first name. 

“Students are really rude and it’s to the point where it’s unnecessary,” said Hill.

Other students don’t quite agree with the teachers’ opinions. They believe it’s not that deep to be getting mad about.

“Yes part of me does think it’s too much because I think they take it seriously for no reason; if someone says their name they should say they don’t like it in a respectful way,” said junior Maraim Aljazea.

For some people, being called by their first name is just too personal.

“I think that a name or nickname is tied strongly to identity so people will have all types of different reactions. Others being upset wouldn’t surprise me at all,” said science teacher Michael Cavanaugh.

Other teachers try to deal with it the best they can and in the most professional way possible.

“I guess you have to ignore it, because showing annoyance just encourages more of it,” said Estrada. 

Many believe being called by your last name gives power and authority over your students or anyone in general. 

“I believe it does, it gives teachers authority because it makes them sound powerful; it’d be kind of weird to not have a sort of professional name,” said Aljazea. 

While many agree that calling teachers by their last name shows respect to authority, not everyone agrees that all teachers deserve it.

“I feel like they take it as a respect thing, but some teachers don’t deserve respect,” said Hill.

Separating your personal and school life can be difficult sometimes as a teacher, so even a little thing like only being addressed by your last name can make it easier.

“Although I strive to have a great relationship with all my students we aren’t ‘friends’ so shouldn’t be on a first name basis,” said science teacher Heather Clark. 

While some teachers may be offended when a student calls them by their first name, others see it as a learning opportunity.

“Maturity just is, it’s not something I expect,” said Estrada.

Mature or not, many believe that being respectful and kind to others is always the right thing to do.


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