The Christmas Season

Christmas is a beautiful season, a season for giving. But family members often want expensive things such as PS4s, iPhones, AirPods, or  jewelry. My mom, who cooks for the whole family, would usually spend a lot of money on just Christmas dinner. Christmas shouldn’t just be about presents, it should be about spending quality time with family. 

Many families struggle to buy Christmas presents for their families. One way to spend time with family could be helping someone else this holiday season. Charities give away food and presents around holidays to share Christmas joy so families won’t have to worry about struggling to get their loved one gifts or food.

Groups such as The Salvation Army, Make a Wish, Toys for Tots, and even the Prison Fellowship organization have projects to help those in need. It’s not about the presents, it’s about spending time with your loved ones.

Children think presents are the main subject of Christmas, but they don’t know how hard their family works or struggles to get them what they want. Working together to give to someone else can help them see it isn’t all about the presents.

 Another way to spend time with family and not spend so much money is to play games or have a Christmas movie night. My family loves to watch movies on Christmas; we always gather around and watch a whole bunch of Christmas movies. Instead of us being on separate devices, we are all together watching the same movie and we really love that. The gift of time together is one everyone can appreciate.

Many gifts only last a week or six months or so. Gifts rarely last forever, but memories do. You always have to cherish the moments with your family. It doesn’t have to be about presents, it can be about the dinner or getting to know who is new in the family, or how happy you were spending time with others. Think about the memories that last forever and not the presents. 

On Christmas day, spend time with family and have a good time. Family can be annoying at times, but family doesn’t cost a thing. This year, spend quality time with your family and create new memories.


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