What Is It Like Being an Athlete at Everett

Being an Everett athlete requires a lot of hard work. From practice to games, high school sports can be difficult to manage on top of school and grades.

“[I dislike] trying to balance school and sports,” said sophomore cross country runner Manessah Naval. “It can get difficult.”

 Although it may be a lot of work, many students enjoy the extra curricular activities, team work, and exercise. 

“[I enjoy] the bond you gain with your teammates, the love and support from the school, just all around energy,” said sophomore lineman Michael James.

Many students have played a sport for Everett. Even the ones who are just getting started enjoy it so much they plan on participating throughout the rest of their high school years.

“I have played since freshman year. I’m a junior and I plan on playing my last two years,” said junior softball center fielder Amiya Hill.

Of the students that play a sport at Everett, most seem to believe that there is importance into playing. Some say it boosts confidence while others say it just simply feels good to be able to say they play or participate.

“It makes you feel good about yourself,” said Hill. “Some people need that.”

Most athletes at Everett have something that motivated or interested them in playing a specific sport. Because of all the interest and motivation, students participate in high school sports, and don’t regret doing so. 

“What motivated me was seeing all my older cousins play and always wanting to play high school football,” said James. “It’s important to play because it’ll make you want to keep your grades up and always be on point.” 

Athletes love their coaches for the most part.They enjoy all the support and energy given during the season.

“The coaches and staff are always there for you and you always feel welcomed,” said sophomore basketball shooting/point guard Christopher Robinson.

For all future Everett athletes, current athletes have some advice they feel you should know.

“Just stay focused on your goals,” said Robinson.

“Stay confident, motivated, and try your best,” said Hill. “Having a positive attitude is key.”

There is no doubt about it, Everett students have a passion for sports.

“[Playing a sport at Everett] means everything,” said James. “It gives you a different feel for school.”


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