New Black Widow Trailer

A new trailer for the Marvel movie Black Widow was released on the morning of December 3. Many people are excited for the movie and feel that the character should have had one way earlier.

“I’m excited that she has her own movie and I can’t wait to see it,” junior Saniah Giles.

There are lots of mysteries to Black Widow’s past in the Marvel cinematic universe. Fans are hoping that this movie could somehow answer some of the questions they have about her past.

“I feel like it’s a long awaited movie, their are a lot of references to Black Widow’s past in Marvel movies so this could answer questions fans have,” said Giles.

Black Widow has died in Avengers Endgame, and people are wondering what type of movie it will be since she is already dead. 

“I don’t like how it’s not an origin story, it seems more of just a regular movie from the trailer. It should be an origin story considering how she is already dead,” said junior Kimani Williams.

The main antagonist of the movie is still unknown and many people have no idea who it could be since Black Widow does not have many famous foes.

“I’m not a big fan of Black Widow so in that case I wouldn’t know,” said Junior Oronde Stokes.

Some people have a couple theories about the movie, like whether or not her family will play a big role in the movie or not.

“I think her family will become a part of the Avengers,” said Williams.

On the other hand, most people do not have any theories on the Black Widow movie. The trailer did not give much to hypothesize about. The students at Everett are excited seeing another female protagonist in a Marvel movie in Black Widow.

“I like when female characters have a significant role, it’s different, and I like it,” said Williams.

The Black Widow movie releases in May 2020.

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