What Comes After Disney+?

As new apps are coming up, what you watch gets more and more limited. For example, people with cable have to pay additional money to watch ESPN or HBO.

ESPN is a sports channel that accesses viewers to their favorite teams… but now they have to pay an additional five dollars a month. Not everyone is too happy with this new system but it just keeps getting worse and worse. Recently Disney + has arrived and has been a staggering success.

“I think Disney + is really good because it brings back memories from my childhood and makes me feel young again. It was very shocking because I’ve never had access to all the shows I used to watch as a kid,” said junior Kemar Williams.

Another example is Apple TV, with the new IPhone 11 coming out, Apple TV was revealed with its completely original shows.

“It’s good for people who would prefer to pay just for the stuff they want to watch, and not pay for other stuff they’d never watch if they’re interested in what’s new,” said junior Amare Fuentes.

More apps are going to most likely pop up with less and less being shown, and more and more coming out of your pocket. Or ridiculous prices like YouTube TV which provides over 70+ channels of wide varieties but costs $50 a month. “It’s a little to much but it’s like if you were paying for cable and it includes really good channels so I would get it,” said junior Elias Cortez.

New streaming apps are going to continue appearing. In May of 2020, HBO Max will be releasing costing $14.99 a month, with key titles like HBO original catalog, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, And DC Comics movies.

Another to be looking forward to would be Peacock, launching April of 2020, featuring The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Amber Ruffin Show, Battlestar Galactica, and Universal movies. 

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