What Do People Think Of Everett?

In many ways, performance arts and sports are better than the core classes.

Many students believe that they can be free to express themselves in these classes.

“I like that I can be myself in dance class,” said freshman TyreeA Lewis.

Not only do the students like to participate in these activities they also like to watch from the side lines too.

“I like watching and participating in our sport events,” said freshman Jessica Herrera.

Though many students think that the sports and performance arts are better, there can be things done to improve the core class so students can enjoy their whole day not just after school activities.

The teachers can add more hands on learning activities to their plans; like Kahoot and more fun mind games like that, group work. The staff can add more advanced classes and more clubs that target all students needs like a life skills club that teaches students how to survive in the real world. These are all good ways to get all students involved.

The school plans on expanding the performance art area in the near future, I hope they expand the auditorium so all the students can fit in there at once, and fix the sports fields too, so no one gets an injury from the uneven fields.

There are many more things that can be done to balance our school to where everyone is happy. This school will always have its ups and downs like; it’s dirty and the people are annoying but the staff is very helpful, and there are many things to look forward to here now and in the future.

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