A Look at ‘Persona 5: The Royal’

A new RPG (role-playing game) from the hit makers at Atlus is quickly approaching. The critically acclaimed ‘Persona 5’ is receiving an expansion in the form of ‘Persona 5: The Royal’. 

As if the game could get any better, Atlus gives us even more to explore in the world of Persona. Adding to the near 100 hours of game-play, players now get to explore the same old locations they fell in love with, a brand new city, and an entirely new character to interact with.

“I’m very excited about the new things because it makes the original game more interesting and breathes fresh air into a game I’ve played and played countless times” says senior Trey Snead, “If [anybody] has enough time and enjoys RPGs they should definitely give Persona 5 and Persona 5:The Royal a try!”

Persona 5 follows the life of our main character (who you take the role of) while they delve into other’s subconscious’ in order to cleanse the city of evil while proving your innocence at the same time. The story of the ‘Phantom Thieves’ (which is the name of the crime fighting team you lead)  is infinitely interesting and a great story to sit back and play through.

Amazing graphics, thoughtful and strategic game-play, and beautiful jazzy soundtrack, makes Persona 5 a fantastic play-through for anyone who enjoy RPGs and cinematic storytelling.

With so much more being added to an already polished and well crafted game there’s no wonder why the game is slated for a March 2020 release.

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