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Think back to that time when you were in elementary school, with no responsibilities except to make your bed and to do your homework. After school, you play and start watching the clock like a hawk, because when 8 p.m. hits your favorite show, Wizards of Waverly Place, comes on. Thanks to the release of Disney+, you have a chance to take a trip down memory lane, and relive a simpler time.

Disney+ is a streaming app with a monthly subscription fee. It streams plenty of entertainment we all loves such as Disney originals, movies and shows.

“The emotions I feel are just different, such as being sad or mad because seeing certain shows and episodes brings me down memory lane,” said Junior Mikeise May. “It just reminds me of loved ones I grew up with or dead ones, or takes me back to being stress free, just having fun with no responsibilities except for keeping my room clean.”

Some students at Everett High School love the app so much that they are always on it.

“I take advantage of the money being spent for the app, I’m literally always watching something,” said Junior Ta’Nyiah Winters.

Many people are comparing Disney+ to other streaming apps, programs and websites.

“I don’t think it’s better than Hulu because I feel as if Hulu has a better selection, which includes my favorite shows like Family Guy, and American Dad,” said Sophomore Je’Maris Leek.

Since there is a monthly payment to join Disney+, many people said they share accounts.

“I feel as if it shouldn’t be $6.99 which is why many people share accounts,” said May. “But I wouldn’t make a scene about it everyone has to make their money.”

Social media played a big part in the success of the app; if it weren’t for social media as many people wouldn’t know about Disney+.

“I joined Disney+ to see what everyone was talking about, because I was seeing it all on my timeline and Snapchat that people were talking about Disney+ so I just downloaded the app and now I’m on it all the time,” said Junior Aviance Kirk.

For many, the best part of Disney+ is the chance to take a break and remember what it was like when things were simpler.

“Being a high school student with a part time job is a hassle, and sometimes hard to manage,”- said Leek. “So being able to have free time during the day and watching my favorite childhood show takes me back down memory lane, to when I had no worries and times have definitely changed.”

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