Is School Important To You?

School is very important. It helps people get into college, and be successful in life. It also helps many adolescents stay on the right path to being civilized humans in this world. Going to school can benefit you in so many ways: friendships, tools to get information, connections to colleges, etc. Several students at Everett feel the same way. 

“School is important to me because it will help me be successful in life,” said Freshman Kaidyn Brand. 

Many students see school as important, but some say that they focus on the wrong things.

“I like learning but I don’t like how the staff lacks enthusiasm, the staff just wants us to pass tests but nothing else,” said Senior Savannah Sykes. 

One big part of school for many people is the opportunities that come with it. 

“School is important to me because it can get me lots of opportunity,” said Freshman Corina Seymour. 

These opportunities consist of college courses that count as credits, programs that benefit the students like New Tech, Upward Bound, Feature nursing club,etc . The school takes students on field trips to college campuses where schools talk about stats and courses they offer. There are many more opportunities that the school provides so that students can bloom into successful people. Though many students appreciate these opportunities and tools that help them succeed, others feel they can do without many of them. 

“There is stuff that school can teach me about life, other things I can do by myself and can succeed more by them,” said Junior Jordan Youyou. 

Some students said that school is the only way to be something great in this world. 

“School is important because I need a career, I want to be a nurse,” said Freshman Danah Assi. 

Others feel like they’re obligated to achieve such great things for their family.

“I’ll be the first person in my family to get a diploma, so yeah school is important to me,” said Senior Ja’nyla Connelly. 

School is so important. As a student you should take advantage of these opportunities because they will get you into college or started with an adult life. 

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