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TikTok has been part of the internet for a while: it has made people be creative, and it has made other people cringe. People do some weird videos, and make the people watching them feel disturbed by what they do. There are some things that are interesting for some of the people that have the app.

“Everyone makes their own videos different from each other and I guess [that makes] it entertaining,” said senior Elizabeth Lagunas.

Lagunas said TikTok is good for a nice diversion.

“I think it is a good app, it is relaxing and also gives everyone a laugh,” said Lagunas.

Most students said the app should not be for older adults, it is more for young adults or children.

“I feel the app is made for teenagers not adults, [age range] 14-29 my opinion, older than that no,” said Lagunas.

Because people can create absolutely anything, one would think that it’s full of surprises. Most users, though, say that it isn’t very different from other apps out there.

“There is nothing surprising because it’s an entertainment app, just like any other app,” said senior Josiah Thao.

TikTok is a worldwide app, from a Chinese developer. It offers a wide range of styles, and it can appeal to many different people.

“There is a different range of people on it because there are different categories and they might find them interesting,” said Thao.

Last month, Senators Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer called for a probe into TikTok, asking if the app posed a national security risk. In the joint letter, they wrote that “Security experts have voiced concerns that China’s vague patchwork of intelligence, national security, and cyber-security laws compel Chinese companies to support and cooperate with intelligence work controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.” The letter resulted in the launching of a national security review, including asking a data administrator to ensure the Chinese company could not access U.S. customers’ personal private data.

Security concerns have not stopped people from using TikTok. The app has 1 billion users worldwide. TikTok doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Some schools now offer TikTok clubs for students who enjoy making videos. Some of these clubs have made multiple videos that went viral, finding a spot on the app’s “For You” page.

There are even some adults that use the app to try and promote or try to give content on their work. For example, since the videos are five-ten seconds long, it is easy to do small skits or small contents that are allowed some adults do adds or have people see what their job might be.

Some teens have become “internet celebrities” just by making videos, getting a lot of followers, and getting a lot of likes. Once they have a large enough following, they might get sponsors, companies who pay them to promote their products somehow in their videos. The big money is only possible when you have millions of followers.

No one knows if TikTok will remain huge in the months and years to come, and whether more and more people will become “TikTok famous.” For now, though, many students are happy to enjoy their favorite videos, 15-30 seconds at a time.

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